A tribe of your own

A Tribe of Your Own was created by Chris Melville, UK Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Practitioner and business mentor with 30+ years’ corporate experience, for women who are working long hours and not getting much to show for it.

Women who have consumed tons of free content on how to run their business only to realise it doesn’t address their specific problems.

Women who feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to go to fix the problems in their business.



Thanks to Covid-based redundancies, there’s a whole new tribe of women business owners in town.

They finally took the plunge to start their own business because it felt like the right time. Or because they’ve always wanted to run their own business. Or they needed to pay the mortgage and didn’t have time to try and find a new 9-5 in the worst job market for the last ten years.

These women have a lot in common. They have ten plus years of experience in the services they’re selling, whether that’s PR, Marketing, Graphic Design, Coaching, HR. They’re driven, creative and use to succeeding. They’re whip smart.

But their businesses aren’t working. 

They skipped the basics. Because they needed to get money in. Because they don’t know what the basics are.

Now they’re on the verge of having to go back to a 9-5. They avoid talking to their family and friends about the business because they don’t want to explain that it’s just not working. Some have even taken on debt to try and keep going.

If all that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place!


Who is A Tribe of Your Own made for?

It’s created specifically for women running a service-based business that is less than two years old.

Your monthly revenue is about $3,000 per month or less.

You’re still unclear on who your ideal client is or what you’re selling. Or maybe you thought you knew but it’s just not working.

Creating content fills you with dread. You never know what to write, you get no engagement and no-one ever gets in touch with you to learn more based on your marketing.

One of your first thoughts every morning is “Where can I try and find clients today?”. You spend hours in Facebook groups, you’ve tried Insta and Pinterest and LinkedIn and you do multiple networking calls a week. All with no joy.

You don’t know how to get leads let alone convert them to a client.

You’re driven, creative and determined to make your business work. You’re determined not to have to give up. You’re ready to invest in yourself and your dream.

And you are 100% committed to not going back to the 9-5 world. Ever.


Here’s how A Tribe of Your Own works:

Module 1 – Find your Tribe
nail your ideal client and your offering, define your “I help” statement, create your elevator pitch, set income targets and long-term goals for your business that affect your ideal client and offering

Module 2 – Talk to your Tribe
learn my super easy 4×4 marketing content strategy, key words for your target audience, find out where your tribe hangs out, learn content batching and waterfalling, create evergreen content

Module 3 – Sell to your Tribe
lead generation posts, figure out your audience journey, craft a sales script, make sure your money and selling mindset is on point



“I’ve had a lot of coaches and I got a tad sceptical, but Chris has changed my mind. I’m week 5/6 and have seen some big shifts.”

Lara Buckle, PR Consultant

“Chris has helped me to move from a fear-based mindset to one of growth by encouraging me to assess the facts and face challenges with a problem solving attitude. She has also been instrumental in creating a mindset shift in the area of self-care by encouraging nourishing practices that support growth in favour of quick fixes and self-destruction when things get tough in business.”

Antonia Sanchez-Toomey, Tailor Made Living Store

“I felt lost. I was feeling like I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my own business. Chris understood me, my skill set and what I wanted to do with my business. Now I am at the point where I have a route to follow and the confidence to launch something I have been wanting to do for a while but haven’t known how to start.”

Alison Pollecutt, Let Me Wear Your Hat

“Our coaching sessions exceeded my expectations because now not only do I know where I am heading, I have got several goals, several offers in the pipeline and a six-month to a year goal plan for my business. Having someone who helped me, guided me and held me accountable was invaluable.”

Mo Muir, Inst@ Glow Club

Chris has a wide and varied range of corporate experience, ranging from managing red carpet events for A-list Hollywood talent to relocating offices to due diligence for corporate acquisitions. Along the way there’s been marketing rebrands, investor relations and international real estate portfolio management.

She has handled multi-million-pound budgets, always worked globally and understands how a business works at a micro level. She has dealt with lawyers, accountants and CEO’s on a daily basis. She spent decades working in media and loves working with creative people.

After a lifetime of working for shareholders, she realised that what she wants more than anything is to work with women on a 1:1 basis using her 30+ years of corporate experience to help them grow their dream business.

Working with her, you’ll be focused on practical solutions you can implement immediately. But you’ll also focus on you. She is passionate about ensuring that your business is working for you and not the other way around. Your business is dependent on you being healthy and happy.

If you’re going to be truly happy running your business, you need to be balanced, engaged and fulfilled.

She is also a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Practitioner. RTT is an amazing tool for dealing with anxiety, career and money blocks.


If you’re scrolling down to find the money bit before you read all of the above 

(we all do that!), this is the bit you’re looking for!

All three modules over six months.

3 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions per month. 

PLUS 1 x 90-minute integration + implementation business review per month!

Aimed at women ready and able to go all in. 

This isn’t for the faint-hearted – there’s a lot to cover and a lot of homework. 

You’ll need 3-5 hours a week to dedicate to the programme.


$844 per month x 6 months


$4222 PAY IN FULL 

(save 1 month)

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