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This container is for those who feel lost, stuck, fearful, exhausted, and disconnected.

Who feel they are on autopilot as they move through life.

Who default to people pleasing, saying yes when it's a no, and choosing others over themselves.

Who have a deep desire to choose a new path in life yet can't logically see the 'how'.

Who try to use their head over their heart.

Who have lost their ability to trust themselves and their intuition.

Who desire more from life than how they are living it now...


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What My Clients Say...

Thanks Nicole! Really loved that session. I’ll sign up for the 3 month package today. I think it will be super helpful and much needed. I left a voice note to my book editor and let my VA know about my 45 min change and time blocking. Thank you! Xx
Intuitive Coaching Practice Client
I just wanted to drop you an email to say I've now asked all my clients to meet my new rates, even "X". I just really felt in the past few days that I would like everyone to be paying the same for my time. I really had to hold the fear on this one, so thank you for your help, it's really appreciated!
Intuitive Coaching Practice Client


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Meet Nicole George

Intuitive Life + Business Coach

Double ACCPH Certified Dip. LC with Distinction,
Certified Intuitive Coach,

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When I was in the corporate world, I felt I was on an unchosen path.

A path that was not mine, yet more energetically controlled by others and painted with their visions and expectations.

In 2020, I was signed off from work and enjoying the gift of time when an email landed in my inbox. 

It was an invitation to a free webinar on how to face your fears and become an entrepreneur in a soul aligned way…no hustling, no pushing, no force, only with ease.

I was enamored by the idea that I could co-create with the Universe and completely shift my current reality.

A few weeks after the free webinar, I was given a huge nudge from my Spirit Team (kind of like your gut instinct) to heavily invest high 5 figures in a mentor and business coach. 

I had NEVER spent that amount of money before, especially not on myself.

I told my husband (a stay at home dad at the time), “I am not going back to the corporate world. I know ‘this’ is right, but I don’t know what ‘this’ is…YET.”

As the sole income of the family, you can imagine this was a huge shock to both of our nervous systems.

Leaving my high paying 6 figure job with full benefits, life insurance, bonuses and a pension wasn’t exactly what most people would call a ‘smart decision’.

It looked like I was having a mid-life crisis at 40, yet I had never been so sure of anything in my life.

I had an internal click, and intuitively knew I was making the right decision.

There was a shift within me and I knew deep down, there was MORE to this life than what or how I was living it.

I desired to have a mind + body + soul connection.

To fully surrender to the path I was being shown despite how nuts it looked.

As I became more detached from time and held an unshakable faith that what I was asking for was on its way, suddenly it all began to appear in miraculous ways.

After months of decoding + recoding + integrating + embodying my new belief system and this new intuitive life… The Intuitive Life Hub birthed.

It became magnetized to me at lightening speed.

It all fell into place with such incredible energy and ease.

It was all so unexpected, yet very welcomed.

My desire for you is to feel in your soul an internal click or shift that you are on your path, not an unchosen one.

To intuitively know in your body that you can have this life too!

You can have it all.

It is not too much to ask for.

If you desire it, it is part of your destiny.

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