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Nicole George

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I Hit a New Low

On Monday, I hit a new low.

I am generally really positive and happy.

The sky is the limit. The glass is always half full type of person.

I am facing some tough times in my life and in my business.

The direction the Universe is taking me isn’t what I expected at all.

She is delivering my ‘requests’ in ways I never imagined and they are actually kind of scary.

We are losing our favorite health insurance tomorrow and will likely have to have all new healthcare providers with a new company.

I can’t see how it is all coming together or conspiring in my favor because I am smack dab in the middle of the muck right now.

Everything is murky. Unclear. Scary and unfamiliar.

As I continue to hold all of this I know deep down, this is the next level.

I am being challenged so that I can hold more for my clients, for the experts, for the collective of women who are seeking to find the light in the dark they are experiencing right now.

So as you read this, know that even I am having a hard time holding the dark.

It hurts. It’s painful. It is overwhelming. 

I can’t breathe at times because the pressure on my chest is too much.

So I inhale to make space.

That is all I can do right now, breathe.

I am not trying to fix it.

I am just sitting with it.

Listening, feeling, trusting that I will be guided to the next step.

I know this life and business is what I came here for.

To help women who are tired.

Who are scared and full of fear.

Who are burned out and overwhelmed.

Who are having a hard time holding it all.

You are not alone. I understand.

I am here to be that shoulder you can cry on.

To lend you an ear when you feel you aren’t being heard.

To see you when you feel you aren’t being seen.

To be that heart that can feel you without a spoken word.

I am here to help women find their own way again.

To go from the wife that is unheard to the wife that speaks her truth.

To go from mother who feels overwhelmed to the mother who has healthy boundaries and good self care.

To go from the employee who feels trapped to the employee whose job lights them up.

To go from the entrepreneur who feels so much pressure to the entrepreneur who feels guided, aligned, and in flow.

I trust that my words will land as they should for the people that need to hear them.

If this was written for you, I am here for it all. For the muck, the mess, the darkness, the light, the triumphs, and the serendipitous moments.

I believe in you. I see you. I have faith in you.

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