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Nicole George - Founder of Sovereign Magazine + Intuitive Life Hub

Nicole George – Editor-in-Chief, Founder of Sovereign Magazine. Nicole George worked in the corporate world as a Nurse and Nurse Manager for over 18 years, which left her burned out, in the unhealthiest physical + mental health of her life. Feeling controlled by an unchosen path filled with others’…rules, expectations, opinions, stories, and beliefs for her, she began to pave a new way for herself and the collective. It has become her mission to help women/womxn have a platform to speak their truth and step into their truest essence, in turn allowing them to find their own paths. Sovereign Magazine was birthed through the energies of the collective. The collective that yearns to be seen, heard, and held in new ways. Sovereign Magazine is more than just a magazine. It is a world filled with connection, collaboration, and community. Nicole’s vision for Sovereign is forever imbedded with the energy of YOU.

Janine Sovereign Team Page
Janine Rivera - Production + Creative Director

Janine Rivera has always been drawn to teaching, mentoring and supporting others. Janine started her professional career as an Elementary School Teacher working with the young’uns and then as she moved into the next stage of her life, becoming a mother, she found herself interested in labor and birth and began working as a Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula. This new interest threw her into the world of running her own business which coincided with an interest in essential oils and their health benefits so she spent many years trying to grow both an essential oil business and a birth business. She found that she was not really cut out for this and was struggling to make them grow while preserving her mental well-being. She was so grateful to have stumbled upon Human Design and through her reading learned that she is a Projector which is someone whose gifts are how they see the world (not creating and manifesting). This was a huge relief because all she wants to do is be in relationship and connection with others while supporting them on their life path by using her learned knowledge as well as her unique way of seeing and processing the world around her.

Kirsty Sovereign Team Page
Kirsty Thomas - Production + Creative Director

Kirsty Thomas worked within the world of scientific research for over 9 years before her mental health took a downward spiral and something had to change. Making the challenging decision to leaving the corporate world and starting her journey to find peace and happiness following the passing of her dear father and birth of her first son, became a mission, which led to the soul-fulfilling need to be of service to others. Now, after years on her own personal journey, Kirsty is empowering women to become more present with their mind and body, feel energized and live the life they truly want not the one they feel they should. With a strong Biology & Psychology background, and more recently certified accredited (ACCPH) intuitive therapy coach & trainee counsellor skills, Kirsty balances her life experience, science with the more unseen (or woo as she likes to call it) resulting in impactful insight. Being part of Sovereign Magazine and running her coaching business (Kirsty Thomas Therapies) Kirsty hopes that more women will have accessible ways to take time and space to simply BE and feel fulfilled with who they are becoming.

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