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Nicole George

Founder of The Intuitive Life Hub
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When You Are Stripped of Your Reality…

When you are stripped of your reality…

Safety nets

Comfort zones




Security blankets

You realize it can all change in a flash.

Your reality is no longer a reality, rather smoke in mirrors.

A cloud of what you thought always would be and now never was.

And as the smoke dissipates you realize you are left with only the reflection of yourself standing before you.

So real, so raw.

Your true authentic self without the shackles of everyone else’s opinions, rules, expectations, beliefs feeding your every thought, every move, every decision.

This is a real pivotal moment for me, for my family, for my life.

I am choosing BIG things.

I am choosing to be ME.

I am choosing to feel fear, scared, and nuts.


Because I came here to lift others up.

I came here to be the cheerleader.

To be the beacon of light and positivity to help others keep going.

To shine as brightly as I can on your darkest days so you can see the beauty within you.

I am here to see your shadows, yet show you the cracks waiting for the light to seep in.

I am here to dream big with you.

To hold the faith when you can’t hold it anymore.

This is my authentic self.

I am the helper, the cheerleader, the giver, the positive one.

I stand in my power and claim her.

Who are you claiming?

Sending love,


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