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hi! my name is stephanie! 🙂 i am a wife, mama and a fierce advocate for safer products. before i got pregnant, i was consumed with making healthy choices and doing everything right to prepare my body to carry a child. knowing every ingredient in the meals i was eating, eliminating certain foods, taking the best vitamins, getting daily exercise, drinking enough water, reading up on every article, every label etc. i was well rehearsed on the things i was putting INTO my body, but i wasn’t aware of what i was putting ONTO my body.

i began to see a reoccurring theme while i was searching for safer products – “do not use while pregnant”, “not safe for pregnant or nursing moms”. my immediate thought was – why should only pregnant women stay away from certain ingredients? if they are harmful ingredients, shouldn’t we ALL stay away from them?

cue my deep dive into researching products, ingredients and companies. i found terrifying statistics that i never knew existed and a filthy side to what we are told is a “clean” industry, that really just turns out to be a whole lot of greenwashing.

these ingredients that are commonly used in our personal care products are linked to cancer, asthma, hormone disruption, organ toxicity, reduced fertility, and developmental + reproductive harm.

84 years ago was the last time congress passed a major federal law regulating the personal care industry. to say we are dangerously behind is an understatement. for some perspective the european union bans 1,400 harmful ingredients from their products and here is the united states, we currently ban 30.

its safe to say, the world doesn’t need another beauty brand – what we do need is change. beautycounter not only is paving the way with our incredible high performing products, but we are the ONLY brand in the industry that marches to the capitol to fight for new health protective laws to be passed. we ban over 1,800 harmful + questionable ingredients from all of our products. we are the leaders in clean and our collective mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

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