A 3 day Masterclass:
Step Into Surrender

July 25th - 27th 11:00-12:00 PDT

Alison Van De Pol + Melissa Wright,

Human Design Specialists from
Guided Life By Design

Nicole George,

Intuitive Life + Business Coach
from The Intuitive Life Hub

What is Human Design?

We work with women who are burning themselves out, trying to be everything in work and in their personal lives. We help our clients reconnect to their inner wisdom so they can live as they were meant to live.

With Surrender Story, we highlight the beauty of those moments in life when we know we need to make a change — when we admit to ourselves and to the universe that we want something more out of life. That single moment is an opportunity to receive divine guidance or tap into our inner wisdom. To choose the path that was always meant for us and will make us most fulfilled.

Nicole George Pic

I have been placed here on earth, in this human form, to be a fierce supporter of women finding their Golden Path.

So many women live their life by the rules and expectations of others. 

They feel shackled by the overwhelming demands of living life out of alignment.

The Intuitive Life Hub was birthed to be a space for women to find themselves in the way that feels most right and aligned to them.

It is through our amazing experts, like Alison + Melissa from Guided Life By Design, that the Intuitive Life Hub continues to be of the utmost value and support.

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