Specialist 1:1 Cancer Care Consultation with Simone Grove


1 x 60 minute Specialist Cancer Care Consultation with Simone


Specialist 1:1 Cancer Care Access my expert clinical knowledge, spiritual guidance, inner wisdom and energy. I will support and hold space energetically, allowing you to reconnect with your best version of wellness.

Together we will go on a journey, focusing on how the mind-body-soul connection looks like, sounds like and feels like to you. Reconnecting to your inner power and inner wisdom. So often we look outside of ourselves for solutions. I truly believe wellness is an inside job. We have a part to play alongside medical intervention. The only person who can change your energy is YOU.

We will work with the power of words, thoughts and emotions (energy in motion), releasing negative emotions from your body, creating energy balance and flow. We will release limiting beliefs and phobias which no longer serve you (or maybe never served you) and connect to new beliefs which do.

The magic is held within you, within your own energy system, your own unconscious mind, your chakras, your energy bodies, your heart space, your frequencies and your flow.


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