Connect + Reset 121 Session with Amy Carruthers


1 x 60 minute 121 Connect + Reset Session with Amy Carruthers, Intuitive Coach + Holistic Wellbeing Mentor


I can hear it too, I can feel it too. That rumbling, that roar, so close you can almost touch it, so powerful it might take you under, yet still so far away you just don’t know if it’s real! The echos of all you are, all you have been and all you could be. It’s the calling, the homing beacon, the lighthouse, reaching through the noise and the chaos to guide you home, it’s your soul telling you it’s time, time to look inward, go deeper and return to who you are. To let go of all the confusion and trust. Trust in yourself, your power, your inner guidance system, your intuition and your connection to the universe, because that is true north.

If you’re feeling the pull, if you can hear the call, let this be the sign you need to come home, home to yourself…and if you need a teammate, a cheerleader, an intuitive soul to stand by your side, consider me your girl. It would be an honour to walk with you, hold space for you, and guide you on your way back home.

As an Intuitive Coach and Holistic Wellbeing Mentor (certified ACCPH Senior Member) I combine a scientific mind and a spiritual heart. I have a Psychology degree and 10 years experience working in the world of mental health, wellness and social support. I also have a passion for all things ‘woo woo’ and soul centric! I’m all about energy, intuition and trusting that YOU know the way of your path. I bring with me a balance of practical and magical. 

If you’re ready, Connect and Reset sessions provide a beautiful opportunity to create the sacred space and time you need to tackle that block, reframe that issue, reflect on where you are and explore where you want to be, so… Let’s Get Back to You. 


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