Nicole Team Page

Nicole is the Editor-in-Chief, Founder of Sovereign Magazine and Intuitive Life Hub

***Nicole only offers WhatsApp 121 coaching as her focus is on Sovereign Magazine.

Nicole George worked in the corporate world as a Nurse and Nurse Manager for 18+ years, which left her burned out, in the unhealthiest physical + mental health of her life. Feeling controlled by an unchosen path filled with others’…rules, expectations, opinions, stories, and beliefs for her, she began to pave a new way for herself and the collective.

It has become her mission to help women/womxn have a platform to speak their truth and step into their truest essence, in turn allowing them to find their own paths.

Sovereign Magazine was birthed through the energies of the collective.

The collective that yearns to be seen, heard, and held in new ways.

Sovereign Magazine is more than just a magazine.

It is a world filled with connection, collaboration, and community. Nicole’s vision for Sovereign is forever imbedded with the energy of YOU.

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