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Nicole George

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Letter To My Daughter

Dearest Kirin,

I have so much I want to share with you about my life and the unchosen path I have been on.

I want to share with you how I felt shackled by others’ beliefs, expectations, and opinions of me.

It wasn’t until I realized one thing, that my life changed.

All that I need lies within me.

Life isn’t a fairytale and about waiting for Prince Charming to rescue you.

You don’t need rescuing. 

All the answers are there, just look inward.

Remain curious.

Ask questions.

Never be afraid to speak your mind.

Stand up for what is aligned and right for you.

Shed all that no longer serves you despite how crazy it looks or how nuts it makes you feel. 

If it wasn’t meant for you, you must release it.

There is no right way; there is only YOUR way. 

Follow your innate inner knowing and intuition.

There is no need for external validation as you are the only validation you need in your life. 

You choose.

You decide.

You claim.

A life of alignment is so much better than a life of fear.

Reach for the stars, the moon, the Universe, the Solar System. 

It’s all there for you.

Some day you might read this post and I hope you can see that your golden path in there for you to claim.

Follow your dreams my sweets!

I will always be by your side cheering you on!


Your Mama

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