Laura Horsburgh Team Page

Laura is an Intuitive Soul Coach, Energy Healer (inc Reiki Practitioner) and is a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher from Scotland.

Laura offers a bespoke service and attracts clients who are struggling with stress, burn out, finding balance or those who feel unfulfilled or stuck in life.  

With a particular passion for breathwork and aligning with the cycles of nature, Laura offers a truly holistic experience for her clients. 

As host of The Soul Retreat Podcast, Laura enjoys sharing conversations, interviews and teachings to nourish the soul and inspire.  Her podcast, which she launched during lockdown in 2020, is available on all listening platforms.

If you feel ready to explore the limiting beliefs and conditioning that may be holding you back in all aspects of your life, why not take advantage of a free clarity call with Laura? She will listen, hold space, allowing you to voice the issues you are experiencing and will suggest the next steps you might want to consider.

As a 4/6 Mental Projector in Human Design, Laura is gifted at seeing situations from a different perspective, helping you reframe your thoughts and importantly, guiding you back to your true self through her intuitive style of coaching and yoga teaching. 

Laura is married, with two daughters and enjoys time in nature, travelling, having adventures, walking her dog, playing tennis or can be found either studying subjects that light her up, or curled under a blanket watching TV and films with her family!

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