Janine Team Page
I have always been drawn to teaching, mentoring and supporting others. I started my professional career as an elementary school teacher working with the young’uns and then as I moved into the next stage of my life and became a mother I found myself interested in labor and birth and began working with adults as a childbirth educator and birth doula.  This new interest threw me into the world of running my own business which coincided with an interest in essential oils and their health benefits so I spent many years spinning my wheels trying to grow both an essential oil business and a birth business. I found that I was not really aligned with this type of work and was struggling to make them grow while preserving my mental well-being. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Human Design and through my HD Reading learned that I am a Projector which is someone whose gifts are how they see the world not necessarily creating and manifesting. This was a huge relief because all I want to do is be in relationship and connection with others while supporting them on their life path by using my learned knowledge as well as my unique way of seeing and processing the world around me. This desire as well as a long time interest in health and nutrition brought me to rediscovering my own health after years of neglect and then into a nutrition program to shore up my knowledge. I am so grateful to be on my current adventure, as a health and wellness coach.

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