Nicole George

Nicole George

Founder of The Intuitive Life Hub
Spiritually Intuitive Life + Business Coach

How are you showing up?

Which side of you are you showing the world?

Your authentic self?

Your perfect self?

Are you showing up as you are?

In all of your inherent cycles of beingness…





Or are you hiding bits of yourself?

Do you wear two faces?

I have realized I want to show up in all of my glory and all of my darkness.

I want to show up when I am on cloud 9 and when I am down in the dumps.

This is being authentic to me.

I don’t want you to see just happiness because that is not my reality.

The reality I want you to see is how I navigate chaos and regulate it in my body.

How I can show up for myself and give myself the care that I need…





This is how I am showing up for the world and myself.

How are you showing up?

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