Entrepreneurial Start-Up School

12 months of mentoring, coaching, community, and all of the practical tools you need to start your soul aligned business.

The power of Online training + Community


Expert Trainers

Move through the content at your own pace. Work when it feels aligned. If you have a corporate job, family, etc you can work around your schedule.


Unlimited Access

Being in community is one of the most important facets of being a successful entrepreneur. Having a tribe who understands is key to your success.


24/7 Online Support

Receive coaching + mentoring support from global experts with experience working with 7 figure businesses and are successful entrepreneurs.

Why Now?

The world has changed over the last few years. Women were hit hardest during Covid-related redundancies. In the US, men actually made a net gain as women were made redundant and then eventually replaced by men.

Which means there is a whole new tribe of women business owners in town. And a whole new tribe of women who want to start their own business.

Women who have five plus years of experience in the services they are selling with transferrable skills, whether that is PR, Marketing, Graphic Design, Coaching, HR, product based businesses, and more. Women who are driven, creative and know how to succeed. Smart women who have had enough of the current work culture.

Enough of sacrificing time with their family for a business culture that believes everyone needs to work hard, work long hours, and that doesn’t care whether or not you feel appreciated. Women who are tired of not being paid the same as their male colleagues. Women who refuse to watch yet another man with less experience get promoted over them.

In this post-Covid world, there is a revolution taking place. And for a lot of women just like you, it is the perfect time to finally take the plunge to start your own business.

Why? Because you have always wanted to run your own business.

Why? Because you know you can do better. 

Why? Because you want to shake up the traditional system and show the business world it does get better and you can have flexibility, freedom, and abundance.

Why? Because you are ready to do it your way. On your terms.

There’s just one problem…

How do you get started?”

This is for you if...


Driven + Fearless

⭑ You are driven by a deeper sense of purpose + feel called to build something bigger than yourself
⭑ You are ready to channel your fear into action


Ready + Capable

⭑ You have been planning your exit from your 9-5 for a while now
⭑ You know what service you want to sell and have skills you can transfer to your new business


Trust + Faith

⭑ You are smart and ambitious
⭑ You don’t want to waste time “figuring it out as you go”
⭑ You believe investing in you and your business is worth it

Why Join the Entrepreneurial Start-Up School?

Because you are too smart and driven to mess around.

Plus, if you are giving up your corporate job will have a big salary you need to replace ASAP!

This group programme gives you a full year of support to get your business up and running.

We will help you create that special something you want to launch into the world.

We will show you how to package it up and figure out what to charge for it.

We will give you the tools on how to sell with ease and confidence.

We will show you how to build a rock-solid CEO mindset.

We will work beside you to set the foundations for a business that will thrive and scale.

We will provide you practical business advice you can implement today.

We will help you build your business intuitively, honouring your soul’s energy.

We will give you the support of a small group of amazing women on the same journey as you.

If these are all the things you desire…

You are ready to join the Entrepreneurial Start-Up School!

What's Included...

Nicole George - Intuitive Life Coach

Intuitive Coaching 121's

1 x 30 minute per month 121 with Nicole George, Founder of @intuitivelifehub + @thesovereignmagzine. She is a Spiritually Intuitive Life + Business Coach with double ACCPH certifications with Distinction. She also worked in the corporate world for 18+ years as a Nurse + Nurse Leader for major healthcare organizations in the United States.

Chris Melville - Business Mentor

Business Mentoring 121's

1 x 60 minute per month 121 with Chris Melville, Founder of Transform with ChrisM. She is a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Practitioner. For 30+ years she worked globally with A-listers, accountants, lawyers, and CEO's in areas such as finance, media, event planning, marketing, rebranding, business start-ups, and so much more!

Entrepreneurial Start-Up School Weekly Check-In

Monthly Group Calls

Each month either Nicole George or Chris Melville will teach a topic to the group. This will be a mastermind feel (you will be able to ask specific questions related to your business). Some topics will be set and others can be chosen by the group to be discussed. This is your time. Your experience. Your growth. Your success. A true bespoke experience.

Special Bonuses included...

Entrepreneurial Start-Up School Speaker

Guest Experts

Quarterly Guest Experts on topics such as branding, SEO, camera confidence and more!

Entrepreneurial Start-Up School WhatsApp


Private WhatsApp group to stay connected in between calls. This is where the magic is!

Entrepreneurial Start-Up School Weekly Check-In

Private Texting

Weekly email or Voxer privately with Chris Melville regarding in time business questions!

What Our Clients Say...

“Our coaching sessions exceeded my expectations because now not only do I know where I am heading, I have got several goals, several offers in the pipeline and a six-month to a year goal plan for my business. Having someone who helped me, guided me and held me accountable was invaluable.”

~ Mo Muir, Inst@ Glow Club
“I felt lost. I was feeling like I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my own business. Chris understood me, my skill set and what I wanted to do with my business. Now I am at the point where I have a route to follow and the confidence to launch something I have been wanting to do for a while but haven’t known how to start.”

~ Alison Pollecutt, Let Me Wear Your Hat
“Chris has helped me to move from a fear-based mindset to one of growth by encouraging me to assess the facts and face challenges with a problem-solving attitude. She has also been instrumental in creating a mindset shift in the area of self-care by encouraging nourishing practices that support growth in favour of quick fixes and self-destruction when things get tough in business.”

~ Antonia Sanchez-Toomey, Tailor Made Living Store
“Nicole has helped me get clearer about my desires, my relationships and how to move forwards in a way that feels more aligned. When she talks to me she is so helpful. I am learning to trust in divine timing, Universal signs, and my own intuition.”

~ A.G., Physician
“I just wanted to drop you an email to say I've now asked all my clients to meet my new rates, even "X". I just really felt in the past few days that I would like everyone to be paying the same for my time. I really had to hold the fear on this one, so thank you for your help, it's really appreciated!"

~ F.H., Entrepreneur
"Thanks Nicole! Really loved that session. I’ll sign up for the 3 month package today. I think it will be super helpful and much needed. I left a voice note to my book editor and let my VA know about my 45 min change and time blocking. Thank you! Xx"

~ K.M., Entrepreneur + Podcast Host


$444 per month x 12 months


(Save 2 months!)

Starts in October/November 2022

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