Camilla Team Page
Camilla uses the Tarot and her highly-developed intuition as a tool of guidance and empowerment.

She encourages her clients to explore their deeper selves and to find their own solutions, whilst holding them in the Tarot’s supportive structure. 

The cards are a beautiful way to access one’s higher self without the distortion and noise of the everyday ego-mind.

Camilla’s desire is for her clients to discover greater clarity and affirmation.

The experience is enlightening; sessions are not about predicting the future but divining the energies or dynamics most pertinent to the individual at the time of their reading.

Camilla’s Tarot practice, Verity Tarot, is based in the U.K.

She has clients all over the world, including the Middle East and the USA.

Camilla was an international events producer.

Alongside her Tarot practice, she now works in film and television.

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