A platform for women to be in + speak their truth

Sovereign Magazine + The Intuitive Life Hub were birthed with a vision of providing a platform for women to be in + speak their truth. Through our magazine we give women the confidence to share their story in our global magazine features. Through our FREE global connection + collaboration community called UNITY, women are able to learn and be together as they growth themselves and their businesses. Our company believes in supporting other women owned and operated businesses.

Meet Our Founder

When I was in the corporate world, I felt I was on an unchosen path.

A path that was not mine, yet more energetically controlled by others and painted with their visions and expectations, especially women in my life who held an authority role.

It was time for my soul to find my purpose in life…to lift other women up.

I have experienced many women in my life who felt the need to break me down.

From a biological mother how left me at 6 months old and went into the drug world to female bosses that treated me poorly.

Although, very tough experiences, they were all a gift.

They were all an opportunity for me to find myself, heal my inner child, and speak my truth.

Today, my companies provide a platform for women to be in + speak their truth so they can help others.

Our global companies are here to connection women with each other and allow them to network + collaborate.

There are many ways you can get involved or be part of the movement:

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The Team and I welcome you to the community. You are in the right place and we are so happy you are here.

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The 4 Paths

Speak YOUR Truth

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