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Sovereign Magazine + The Intuitive Life Hub were birthed with a vision of providing a platform for women to be in + speak their truth. 

Through our magazine we give women the confidence to share their story in our global magazine features. 

Through our FREE global connection + collaboration community called UNITY, women are able to learn and be together as they growth themselves and their businesses. 

Through the Intuitive Life Hub we we offer services from our trusted women owned businesses and experts around the globe. 

Welcome to our Community. We are so glad you are here!

“I immediately felt drawn to the sovereign magazine as I found Nicole’s call for contributors. I felt the content resonated with my spiritual awakening journey and I wanted to be a part of it. Not only to gain more visibility, but also to share many of my insights that I gained on my journey to help others. I was welcomed very warmly and I appreciate that I could keep my writing style. Also, I loved their idea to connect with the other contributors through any type of means. The whole team has been so kind and I would love to continue to work with them. I am so grateful that I have received this opportunity. In every edition there are so many valuable articles. “
~ Gretchen “Gresson” Peiffer
Since 2021


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“Nicole is just amazing, so are the Design Team! Great job! Everything about the experience was amazing. I would love to buy a full front page feature sometime.”
~ Emma Starling

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It is your time. 

This is your space. 

For you to be yourself. 

To share your story with the world.

To be in + speak your truth so others may learn + grow with you.

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